Watch Who You Follow

It was late and it was dark. While looking for the way home we trusted that the driver ahead of us knew where to enter the road we needed to get to. However, the car slowed and stopped and we realized we entered what had looked like our entrance ramp but it quickly led to a dead end.

This past week I began a study called “Voices” by Pam Gillespie. It is a study that digs into the Old and New Testaments to understand how God spoke in the past and how He speaks today. Currently, I am doing the Old Testament study. In the first week of this study I have been reminded that, in Genesis, when God spoke things happened. He spoke all things into being. He also spoke to Adam and Eve. In the study I was to reflect on what instructions God really gave to Adam and Eve. Then I was to reflect on how Satan twisted what God had actually said. I noted that when God speaks He is clear. When God speaks He doesn’t give half the story. He says what is good but also made sure the boundaries were clearly marked out as well. Lastly, I reflected that when God speaks He is faithful to follow through on His word.

In our day, there are many voices competing for a listening ear. Some voices twist God’s truth by giving only half the story, or change the story completely. There are voices that promise that you will be blessed by sending in your financial gift. Voices that offer promises that are not promised in the Word of God. Especially in these days we need to be careful that we are hearing and obeying only one voice. It is so easy to listen to all the other voices but you and I must be discerning. Know God’s Word. Know His voice. Know the One whom you follow.

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. John 10:27, 28


Kathy’s on staff at America’s Keswick in the Development Department. Kathy has been married to her husband Dave for 28 years. They have two adult children. Kathy is active in her local Church and has taught Sunday school and Bible studies for women. Her passion is to encourage women to deepen their walk with Jesus Christ by finding and living out the truths of God’s Word.

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