In Tune

Three pianos were delivered last week to Keswick. Soon five pianos will be on the stage for the piano concert tomorrow and Wednesday. The piano tuner is already scheduled to spend hours making sure that each piano is in tune. I asked the piano tuner once how hard it would be to make them all in tune with each other. He said to me it’s not really that hard because they are each tuned to the same tuning fork (an instrument that looks like a fork but is struck, and that pitch is what they use to tune the first string of the piano.) The tuning fork is a standard that each one matches and when that is done, they all play in tune with each other. If the tuner tuned one piano to the tuning fork and then tuned the next one to the piano instead of the fork, and on and on, eventually the last piano tuned would be far off from the original tuning fork pitch.
We are like those pianos. We are all different ages, colors, and sizes, just like those five pianos. When we are all “tuned” to the one standard, Christ Jesus, then we will be able to “play” well together.

Problems arise when we compare ourselves to each other and try to measure up to each other instead of aiming to be like Christ.

“Let everyone be sure to do his very best, for then he will have the personal satisfaction of work done well and won’t need to compare himself with someone else.” (Galatians 6:4)

When you strive to be the person God made you to be, you’ll find real meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction. You can’t focus on your purpose while looking at other people (Rick Warren).

I can’t wait to hear the concerts at Keswick this week. How great it will be to hear all five pianos playing together in harmony. It will be a wonderful example of Psalm 133:1 – Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.

Joyce Hayes
Artist in residence/
Hostess women’s events

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