Change Your Perspective

I’m going to plagiarize a bit from the Living Proof Live conference with Beth Moore that I recently attended. Beth’s overall theme for two days was “Forty Days.” I know, doesn’t sound real spiritual or inspiring, does it? Well, when you think about 40 days, in terms of Scripture, what comes to mind? Forty days and nights of rain for Noah and the ark? Jesus’ wilderness temptation? Yes, those are just 2 instances of periods of forty days in the Bible. Beth took us to several more that never really stood out to me before.

One of those instances takes place in Numbers 13 when Moses sent the 12 spies into the Promised Land to check it out. Check out verse 25, “And they returned from spying out the land after forty days.” Twelve men, one from each tribe, went to the same place. Spent the same amount of time. Saw all the same things. All twelve saw a land flowing with milk and honey. But ten saw fortified cities, giants, and insurmountable obstacles. Two said, “let’s go, we can take them.” What was the difference? Perspective. Ten saw the obstacles. Joshua and Caleb knew that the Lord was with them.

As Beth put it, “In spiritual terms, WHO we see dictates HOW we see.” Do we have our focus so clearly on Jesus that the obstacles before us, the challenges around us, appear small in comparison? Or are we overwhelmed by all that is around us so that Jesus is obscured and we can only see our problems, challenges and difficulties.

Lord, change our perspective. Keep our eyes on You so that this world and all its problems will be small in comparison and we can see that You have already won the victory for us.

Ruth Schmidt is on full-time staff at America’s Keswick, and grateful to be a daughter of the King.

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