Waiting on God

Psalm 121
My Help Comes From the Lord

Most of us want what we want and we want it now. With that frame of mind we will often assist God in getting what we want. And with this frame of mind we will also cause grief to ourselves with anxieties running rampant, and ultimately cause us to make unwise choices. In other words, emotions will rule. We will be like the hamster in the cage running around in circles.

Life’s journey sometimes can be very difficult and downright fearful: so many “what ifs and should be, what will I do if this happens or that happens?”. I’m at a place today waiting for an answer that could change my life in a moment’s time. However, since I’ve learned the benefits of waiting on God I haven’t lost any sleep. That’s not to say that I don’t have a concern or a fear that creeps in to try to rob me of the Joy of the Lord. Waiting and trusting God will always spare us from allowing anxieties to rule our lives.

Ladies, I know that God’s waiting room can be lonely, dark and scary, BUT God is in the waiting room with us. Just call upon Him and trust Him! God promises us He will always be with us!

Our God is Longsuffering, so waiting on God’s answer to our prayer (prayers) sometimes can be agonizing. Longsuffering is patiently enduring wrongs or difficulties: long and patient endurance. God uses trials and time of suffering for His purpose. Sometimes God reveals His purpose to us immediately; sometimes it’s years later. And sometimes our pain remains a complete mystery to us.

There is some pain that we will not understand until we see Him face to face and understand completely (I Corinthians 13:12).

There are two women in the Bible that I remember their stories, and it helps me remember the benefits of waiting on God to endure the journey. Sarah & Hannah both wanted a child. One manipulated and assisted God and the other one trusted God and waited. Read Genesis 16 and I Samuel 1 & 2.

Call upon the Lord. He is always available and He cares!
Psalm 121 “My Help Comes from the Lord”

God has perfect timing
Never early
Never late
It takes a little patience
And a whole lot of faith
BUT it’s worth the wait (Godvine.com)

Pat Spies
A Servant of the Lord and a Friend of Keswick

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