In Tune with Each Other

         Ephesians 4:16 He makes the whole body fit together perfectly.  As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

          A piano tuner came to one of our concerts this weekend. He had been called by the church to tune the piano for our visit.   Robert and he talked pianos for a little bit.  We talked about the five piano concerts held at KESWICK.   I asked him how he would like the challenge of tuning all five different pianos, all different makes and models and ages, so that they match. He responded that that would not be a problem at all. You simply tune each piano to the same tuning fork.   The tuning fork is a metal tool that when struck rings the note A.   

          Think about it , how do you get five women with different personalities and preferences to get along?  Tune them all to Christ our perfect example.   We do not have to be copies of each other we simply need to be like Christ.  

Joyce Hayes
Artist-in-residence at America’s Keswick


One thought on “In Tune with Each Other

  1. Stephanie L. Dickinson from Lancaster, Pa. says:

    Dear Joyce,

    Good Morning, dear sister!

    I LOVED your story and its analogy to having Christ as our “tuning fork” – our example for living.

    I can most definitely attest to the truth of your writing. At a young age, I decided that I wanted to be
    the best I could be for G-d. Instead of looking to HIM, however, I looked at others for example. As I
    became older, I continued to use spiritual women as my template for living. There was one lady, in
    particular, whom I really admired. Her name was Julie and she was my “hero”….well behaved children,
    a successful husband, very conservative in lifestyle and dress, and never wore makeup !!!!!! I tried SO
    hard to emulate her… was rather disastrous. Not that her example was wrong — she was a wonderful
    woman — it’s just that SHE wasn’t ME, nor was that how G-d had wired me. I’m a girlie girl – and I love
    bling and feminine things of all sorts – I hardly ever wear denim jean skirts, and blush/eyeliner are two
    of my bestest friends !!!!!!!! Do I love G-d? More than anything ! Do I live for Him? I try every, single
    day…’s just that when I dance for Adonai, my mascara sometimes runs, and as for my children – we
    are a “motley” bunch. Not always perfectly behaved, and each has his/her own style – and believe me,
    it’s everything from tattoos (not to my approval!) to Mohawk hair styles at times. HOWEVER, every one
    of my children loves G-d and they each have a kind heart of gold….would give others their last dollar.
    They are the apple of G-d’s eye – and I am proud of each of them.

    I learned – the hard way, I might add – that the only example is as you have written….to follow the
    nature of Christ. Then we shall be on our way to following perfection.

    Thanks, Joyce, for you loveliness, for sharing your amazing gifts and talents, and for your beautiful
    smile. You’re special.

    Stay blessed.

    Stephanie Dickinson

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