Get in the Gap!!

          The other night my husband and I were in prayer together and something he prayed on behalf of a loved one grabbed my attention and encouraged me to get back in the gap and stay there.
          In his talking with God he asked the Lord to guard and protect this dear one, even though they resist coming to Him for themselves.

          Moses and his people leapt to the front of my thinking.  Over and overagain Moses went to the Lord on behalf of God’s children.  Children the Lord loved enough to save from captivity in Egypt.  God delivered them into and from bondage; He brought them out of other life-threatening predicaments and situations. And still they (just like us) resisted, disobeyed, and longed to return to captivity for the mere taste of leeks, onions and garlic. Rather than humble themselves in the sight of God, seek His face, worship Him, and ask for help to deal with their circumstances, not to mention their flesh, they grumbled and complained.

          Praise God for Moses and for the friendship relationship he had with his God.  Moses consistently (not perfectly) sought the Lord. He even petitioned God for mercy on their behalf when God had determined to discipline them for their sin(s).

          Just as my husband and I stand in the gap for those whom we love, Moses stood in the gap for his people.  There was no other like Moses.  Just think where God’s people would have been if there wasn’t one to stand in the gap on their behalf?

          Dear ones, we need to GET IN THE GAP!!   We must determine to tirelessly go before the Lord, to make a stand for righteousness and holiness, to seek God’s mercies for ourselves and those we love. We must make a stand right now! The lives of our loved ones are at stake! 

          We need to pray even if it appears nothing is changing or happening. None of us know for sure the moment-by-moment impact or effect our prayers are, or may be, having in the spirit realm.  We just don’t know.

          The enduring faith of one prayer warrior,; one person willing to get in the gap, to take a stand is immeasurable. So let’s pray for those who wander aimlessly in the dessert to come to an end of all their foolishness, turn from their wicked ways and humble themselves before the Lord. God can reap generations of blessings. 

          And dear ones, on a personal note: let’s put to death the deeds or our own flesh (gossiping, slandering tongues, critical judgmental spirits, haughty attitudes, etc., etc.).  Let’s go to God and ask Him to reveal the besetting sins in our own hearts and lives, remembering there is One who stands in the gap for us, making intercession, lest we like God’s people of old be burned up with fire or swallowed up by the very ground that we stand on.           


Stephanie Paul serves as part of the Addiction Recovery Team at America’s Keswick as Director of Women’s Addiction Ministry. She has been married for almost 30 years to Sesky Paul who is a graduate of the Colony of Mercy. Stephanie serves alongside him as Care Group leaders in their church. They have two grown children.
Her single focus in ministry at Keswick is to image Christ in grace and truth to wounded and hurting women, encouraging them to make Jesus the truest Lover of their soul and the One in whom all hope lies.

3 thoughts on “Get in the Gap!!

  1. Stphanie L. Dickinson says:

    Dear Stephanie!

    Good morning on this brisk fall day! Although the weather is chilly, your writing left me with a warm heart and reminiscent thoughts of something I recently read from one of my ministerial research papers – that when we pray,
    the angels surrounding us bow their heads and fold their hands in response to our petitions to G-d. It is SO VERY
    true that we humans have no earthly idea of the spiritual realm and how it effects our walk with G-d and in life.
    In America, especially, that which we cannot see is so often deemed non-existent.

    Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your thoughts and insight. Very powerful indeed. And it brought tears to
    affirm the beauty of envisioning you and your husband in prayer time together. That three-chord strand (You, spouse,
    and the L-rd) can never be broken.

    Blessings in abundance to you today!

    Stephanie L. Dickinson
    B.S.Min., B.S.B.S., CCLC, CPAC
    Lancaster, Pa.

  2. Stphanie L. Dickinson says:

    This is a message for Diane Hunt:

    Good morning, Diane, and greetings in His holy name!

    I wanted to tell you that this past Thursday I completed my education in order
    to become a certified post-abortion counselor.

    I am convinced that so often we humans behave and react in dysfunctional ways
    due to past events which have occurred in our lives – events to which we would not ordinarily
    connect to current, every-day behaviors.

    For example, for forty years I was over-the-top protective with my loved ones, particularly
    with my children. They could not play with others who had a cold, they could not go
    on field trips unless I was driving, they could not attend school until the fog in the
    morning would lift, etc. Not that these actions were necessarily “bad” in themselves,
    but they were depriving my family of a normal life. I became their “protective god”
    without knowing it…..but in my mind, I was just being a responsible, conscientious mother.

    Not until the tender age of 50-something did I attend post-abortive counseling sessions; it was there that
    I realized these stifling gestures were a subconscious result of an unwanted abortion
    which I painfully (and silently) endured at the age of 20. It was in these sessions that I “saw” a
    side of my heart which was bleeding, and I truly never knew it.

    If you would be so kind as to note this certification as an update to my resume, I would be most grateful.

    Blessings to you, Diane.

    Stephanie L. Dickinson
    B.S.Min., B.S.B.S., CCLC, CPAC
    Lancaster, Pa.

  3. Stphanie L. Dickinson says:

    Incidentally, I do not consider the previous message directed to Diane Hunt to be confidential in nature.
    I did not have her e-mail address, so utilized this posting to reach her.
    Thank you so much.

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