Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a Choice.jpg


I once read a devotion that talked about happiness being a choice. So I sat for a while and realized that I choose happiness every day. When I first awake and I start to journal, I thank the Lord for a beautiful day. Now I don’t really know what the weather will be like or what kind of day it will be, but I choose to beeline to “it is a beautiful day!” Every day is a beautiful day because it’s a day to be with my husband, talk to my kids, help a friend, cry with someone who is hurting, laugh with someone, or just be still and enjoy God’s presence. It’s all about how we look at things.

My husband has been having medical issues and we have gotten some results. Some people find it funny that our reaction to certain results is, “well, it’s only… but we know it could be worse.” We choose to see our glass 1/2 full not 1/2 empty. God never promised easy living – He promised to never leave us and He promised to fill us with joy. You can’t live an abundant life if you don’t choose happiness – choose to see the joy in each moment. My prayer is that you choose happiness no matter your circumstance.

Robbin Weinhardt is a Part-Time Dining Room Hostess and a Women of Character graduate. She is married to Ray Weinhardt, who works in our kitchen and is a Colony of Mercy Graduate.

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