Roses and Thorns


Red rose on dark background

A thought from my devotion today was rather than complain about the thorns on roses be thankful for roses among the thorns. I love this concept.  It’s how we look at things that makes a difference.  What a wonderful world it would be if people took this idea and lived it out. I’m not saying it’s easy or that it’s for every situation. What I am saying is that it can and should be for most of the time.  Let me give some examples: looking at all the laundry and having to do it all the time – instead of complaining be thankful you have clothes, be thankful you have a washer and dryer. When doing dishes for the millionth time, be thankful you have food and are able to cook on the stove in a house or apartment. When you are picking up after your husband and the children again be thankful you’ve been blessed with the husband and precious children you have. See, it’s all in the way we look at things. My prayer is that I can always remember to look for the blessing even in the tough or not so pleasant times or the mundane things. How about you?

Robbin Weinhardt

One thought on “Roses and Thorns

  1. isaiah46ministries says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! It is definitely how we see situations that define them as good or bad. I try to find the silver lining in every act or event. Makes life much less stressful, and I don’t feel so victimized. Thank you for a wonderful post. Brief but profound.

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