Doesn’t God Just Make You Smile?

We are in the process of purchasing an older home here in North Carolina.  We have looked at probably close to 50 homes. The market here is crazy. Homes are on the market only a few days before multiple full-priced and over-priced bids are submitted.  Some friends selling their house had 17 offers within a week.  Crazy, right?

Anyway, this home is the second we put a bid on; we were outbid on the first one.  This house was not exactly what I had in mind, but it has great potential.  There are a few different concerns I have, and I find myself worrying “what if this” or “what if that?” or “Are we making a mistake?”

One morning the title of a devotional by Melissa Michaels (Proverbs 31 Ministries) caught my eye, “You have all it takes to love your home.” Before I even read it, I had to smile at God’s care for me.  I have said I wish God would send His will in a telegram, but He chose a devotional instead.  Doesn’t God just make you smile sometimes?

Melissa’s message was built around Proverbs 24:3-4 By wisdom a house is built,   and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled   with all precious and pleasant riches.

The home we are planning to purchase is not about the wood, tiles and windows nor the less than attractive garage which is the first thing you see coming up the driveway. It’s not about the allocation of space or the green paint in the bedroom.  No, God reminded me it is about Him and how He will use this house for His purposes in my life and the life of each of my family members.  If God allows, we will make memories there that will far outweigh any and all of the things that I am worrying about.

I love You, God, and I love that You make me smile. Thank you for prompting Melissa to write this devotional from Your heart to mine.     

Blessings, Diane

Diane Hunt Diane serves part-time on the staff of America’s Keswick providing ministry support from her home in North Carolina. She is also a biblical counselor and women’s event speaker. For more information about having Diane speak at your next event please contact her at


One thought on “Doesn’t God Just Make You Smile?

  1. Denise Zambrano says:

    Thank you for this devotional. May family and I are in the process of moving into a new home, also. This has helped me put everything in perspective, I hope in God’s perspective. May He use us and this new home for His glory!

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