Crisis of Faith


A crossroad.  A decision. Step out in faith trusting God. Shrink away and walk by sight.  Which shall you choose?

Adam and Eve. Will they trust God and obey Him, believing that His provision is enough, or will they chose to believe God is holding out on them and take matters into their own hands? (Genesis 3:6)

Noah. Will he consider the foolishness of building an ark with no rain in sight or will he consider the command of the Lord and take Him at His word? (Genesis 6:17-18; 7:6-7)

Abraham. Will he reason that to kill his son Isaac would thwart the promise of God to give him descendants as many as the stars or will he obey God and trust God can keep His own promise? (Genesis 22:2, 10-12)

Moses.  Will he trust God to bring water from a rock or will he strike the rock in anger believing it was His effort that resulted in water? (Numbers 20:7-12)

Israel.  Will they trust God’s promise to give them the land or will they believe the 10 spies filled with fear that reported they could not take the land? (Numbers 13:1, 27-29; 14:1-4)

Joshua. Will he send men into battle at Ai without consulting the Lord, assuming God would do to Ai what He did at Jericho, or will he wait on further instructions from the Commander of the Lord’s army? (Joshua 7:2-5)

Ruth.  Will she follow Naomi’s instructions, go to Boaz and humbly ask him to be her kinsmen-Redeemer or will she say “Are you nuts? What will people think?”(Ruth 3:1-5)

David.  Will he turn his eyes away when he sees, from his roof, Bathsheba bathing or will he invite her in, lay with her and when it is found out that she is pregnant end up killing her honorable husband? (2 Samuel 11: 2-5, 14-15)

Nehemiah. When he discovers the walls are in disarray will he turn his head away and assume it’s someone else’s problem or will he take charge of a huge restoration project and rebuild the wall in 52 days? (Nehemiah 1:3-4; 2:5; 6:15)

Esther. Will she shrink back and hide behind her royal robes and gem-filled crown or will she step in harm’s way to be an instrument of God’s deliverance of the Jewish people for such a time as this? (Esther 4:12-16)

Job. Will he take his wife’s advice and curse God and die or will he acknowledge God’s greatness and sovereignty and confess he spoke without understanding. (Job 42:3)

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  Will they bend their knee to the golden image or will they face the fiery furnace trusting that God can deliver them but if not they will not bend the knee. (Daniel 3:15-18)

Jonah. Will he obey God and proclaim truth in Nineveh or will he flee on a ship to Tarshish and end up in the belly of a great fish? (Jonah 1:1-3)

Mary. Will Mary submit to the Lord’s calling to bear the Son of God, knowing that her reputation would come under attack and she may lose her beloved Joseph? (Luke 1:26-38)

Peter. Will he continue to enjoy the gentle rocking of the boat on the sea or will he step out and walk on water to Jesus? (Matthew 14:28-32)

Paul. Will he continue to persecute the people of the Way or will he fall on his face and surrender when confronted by the Living God on the road to Damascus? (Acts 8:3; 9:1-6)

You.  What will you decide? Will you choose faith? Will you choose sight?  It’s a moment by moment decision.

Blessings, Diane

After serving 16 years full-time on the staff of America’s Keswick, Diane Hunt and her husband moved to North Carolina where she continues to serve part-time as a contributing writer and Partner Care Consultant.  She is also a Biblical counselor and women’s event speaker. For more information about having Diane speak at your next event please contact her at





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