But Look What God Has Done

I don’t think it’s any secret that there’s a lot of “yuck” in this world. Between politics, false religion, ungodly lifestyles, terrorism, etcetera, it can get overwhelming and depressing pretty quickly. It’s not just world issues, either. We have all had experiences in life that we would not choose for ourselves – things like addiction, broken relationships, divorce, death, lost friends and family, unfaithfulness, or abuse. There is a lot of pain in this world.

But let’s play the “what if” game for a second. What if God has allowed you to experience difficult circumstances in your life for a greater purpose – to bring Him glory? We know that He is more than capable of taking even the worst of experiences and making something beautiful, something greater than anything we could ever imagine. What if our experiences of hardships and brokenness were allowed by the Lord so that we can come out on the other side and say “Praise to the King of Kings, Praise be to Jehovah, look what God has done!” Our goal is to bring God the glory, and in doing so, we may have the opportunity to lead others to Christ.

If we look at scriptures, we can see many cases where God used awful circumstances to bring God glory. Look at Joseph, for example. He was betrayed by his brothers, thrown into a pit, sold for slavery, and thrown in jail for being faithful to the king… but look what God has done. Because he stayed faithful to God, he was made ruler of Egypt and the Lord restored his broken family.

The best example I can give, though, is Jesus. 2000 plus years ago when He was crucified, His followers couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t believe the circumstance – the awful and terrible tragedy – Jesus was in. But look what God has done. It was an awful and devastating event, but afterward the veil was torn, Jesus rose, we were able to have a relationship with God, we were no longer slaves to sin, the Holy Spirit was able to dwell in us, God was brought glory, and we were granted life. Alleluia, praise God the Father, look what He has done. It’s His story, not ours.

How will we respond to our difficult circumstances – will we focus on the bad, or bring God the glory?

Erin Culleny serves as a Marketing Assistant and Staff Writer. She had served on Summer Staff since 2011, and in 2015 had the unique opportunity of co-directing Children’s Ministry with one of her best friends. She is very excited to continue to build relationships with the guests and be very involved in the ministry.

One thought on “But Look What God Has Done

  1. Lynne Conners says:

    Yes, through the darkness of many trials you can break free from troubling times which encaptured your youth. Forgiveness takes alot of work and once you truly accomplish this your mind is free of someone’s wrong doing towards you. Trust in God’s plan.

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