I Know Why…

Growing up, I knew that Good Friday was the day Jesus died on the cross. The “good” part had me perplexed. Why do we call it “good?” It would be years until that question was answered. The Spirit of God answered it when He opened my eyes and heart to Who He was. That answered the “why.”

Good Friday is so incredibly GOOD! It’s the day we remember that Jesus took all the sin and guilt we deserve the penalty for (death) on Himself. It is finished. There is nothing that I need to do or could do to be made right with God. Only the blood of Jesus could take care of that, because of His sinless perfection, being fully God and fully man only He could wash away my sin. Good? Oh yes, it is very Good. Does it get any better than that? Yes, three days later He got up!

But wait – let’s not jump over that day and rush into Sunday. Yes, Sunday is coming, but first it was Good Friday. Let’s stay at the cross a while; look up, can you see His precious face? Look around can you, see His mother, can you hear her silent internal scream or imagine her racing to tend her son’s bloody body. Let’s stay there with her for a while. It’s good for us.

May God reveal His goodness to you today on this “Good” Friday.


Dina Seaton serves in Partner Care at America’s Keswick. She came to Christ in 2000 when Jesus changed her life and her eternity. Other than being called a child of God, her greatest joy is to be called ‘Mom.’ Dina has one adult son (he is the best!) who currently lives in the beautiful Great North West. She gets there as often as possible which is never often enough!

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