To Life to Life L’chaim

On Friday, June 12, our fifth grandchild was born. A most amazingly beautiful little girl arrived and entered our world. Of course it wasn’t her first day on this earth. Over the past nine months she rested in her mother’s womb and was formed by the finger of God. In fact she must have been very comfortable in her home within her Mommy as she was born 10 days past her expected arrival.

However when I looked upon her I could not help but remember Psalm 139:14
I will give thanks to You, for (Cate) is fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well

Anytime I look at a newborn baby I cannot get over the miracle of life. How amazing is it that from a tiny egg and a tiny sperm comes forth life? A clean slate, everything is new and exciting. As this little one grows it will be such fun to watch her look and see her Mommy, Daddy, sister and brother with recognition. It will captivate us when she turns her eyes toward the sound of a bird or we watch her lips smack on a brand new taste; or she rolls over, crawls, or takes that first step. We want to share with this little princess all that is good. We treasure our time spent with her. We want to protect her, and provide all the love we have for her and our other four grandchildren.

How much more does our heavenly Father want to do that and so much more for us? Dear one, know that the Lord loves you. Enjoy a new day! A brand new 24 hours. You have a clean slate. On this day see, hear, taste and know the God who fearfully and wonderfully formed you. Give Him thanks for the gift of life and have a really good day!

Patricia L. Wenzel
Women of Character Graduate

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