What if…?

As Sunday’s sermon came to a close and I put my Bible away – this thought struck me:

What if I listened to every sermon and took notes as if there was going to be a test afterwards? I loved being a student in college, grad school and seminary. I would not have thought of going to class unprepared without a pen and notebook. I didn’t want to miss a single thing I might later see on a test. How can I be any less diligent in lessons of my soul?

In reality, we are often tested after a message on the very thing that was preached, maybe on the way home from church or later that week or month. Perhaps we need to take the time sitting under the pastoral teaching/preaching more seriously and have pen and pad in hand to take notes. I plan to start doing that – like I once did. How about you? How serious are you about the training of your soul?

Blessings, Diane

Diane Hunt is a Biblical Counselor, Women’s conference and retreat speaker and author. She serves as the Director of Partner Care and Director of Women’s Ministries at America’s Keswick. She and her husband John have two married children and four grandchildren. She loves reveling in warm sunny climates and playing with her grandchildren.

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