HE Showed Up in the Garden

Well, it’s that time again. Time for planting! Each Spring the grounds at America’s Keswick are filled with beautiful flowers. But there’s a lot of cultivating that takes place first. Afterward, there are typically some left over and the staff may take of that for their homes. I planted red, white, and purple last year in anticipation of my son coming home for a visit from where he was stationed. I hope to do it again this year. A lovely young woman (my dear god-daughter Samantha Dee) helped me with the planting. We cultivated more than a garden that night as we talked and cried, then talked and cried some more. Good times.

It required us to get down in the dirt (we’re not big fans of that). You know down there where all the bugs are, bees, ticks, etc… down where my sister (her mother) wouldn’t think is a very good idea. Well, nevertheless, we did it anyway!

I don’t think Sam would mind me sharing it was a summer of growing and stretching for her. It wasn’t as hard for me because I knew God was cultivating something deep within her heart and soul. I was happy to provide the location for that to take place.

As the weeks passed I often found time to just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful knee-high flowers that bloomed from that work in the garden. Those flowers have long since withered away. But the growth that I also got to watch happen in Sam is still happening and will never wither away.

The Bible tells us that when Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and found it empty, as she cried, a Man asked her why she was crying. Thinking HE was the gardener, she lamented over not finding Jesus there that morning. Then suddenly HE revealed to her that HE was not the gardener but the risen Jesus. “Rabboni!” (Teacher)

HE definitely showed up in my garden!

Next time you’re at Keswick, remember, God’s growing more than flowers on these grounds.


Dina Seaton serves on staff in Marketing.

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