As a woman who has very recently lost her only daughter to illness, I have many days, hours, moments and seconds when I don’t know for sure how or if I am going to make it. One of the things God uses on some of those occasions is a song which I first heard sung by Bill Welte and Robert Hayes. The title and words of the song say it all.

I’ve not yet been able to listen to it without tears because, to me, it’s simple and beautiful in the pure truth it expresses, which is, God is with me! He is never not present with me/with us in all the moments of my/our lives, especially when the pain seems unbearable. He is there.

So, recently, I wanted to listen to it but couldn’t find my copy which led me to Google® it and found it on YouTube sung by another favorite of mine, Guy Penrod, who sings with the Gaither Vocal Band. Before he sang, he said the following:

“God has promised to take us through. So often I pray, in my human way of understanding, that the hard stuff of life will just be removed and I ask God to make me well, solve my problems, provide what I need or want, and that’s okay. God wants us to come to Him with everything that troubles us; all of our needs. But often times, the things we pray to be removed from our lives are the very things He’s using to make us the kind of people He wants us to be. Let’s face it, hard stuff is hard, but God is so trustworthy and He has promised to walk with us through all the episodes of our lives and in the process He is finishing the work He started in us to make us, well…finally perfect.” Guy Penrod.

“When I saw what lay before me, ‘Lord,’ I cried, ‘what will You do?’
I thought He would just remove it but He gently led me through.

Without fire there’s no refining.
Without pain no relief.
Without flood there’s no rescue.
Without testing no belief.

Through the Fire.
Through the Flood.
Through the Water.
Through the Blood.

Through the dry and barren places.
Through life’s dense and maddening mazes.
Through the pain and through the glory.
Through will always tell the story.
Of the God whose power and mercy,
Will not fail to take us through.”

Dear sisters, whatever it is that has gripped your life or heart today, know this: God is with you. He will never ever leave or forsake you. Trust Him. Most especially trust Him when it makes no sense, because He is there. He is ever present and all the time and He is faithful to take you THROUGH.

Stephanie Dale

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