The Lord is Our Covering

When I drive to work I generally avoid busy highways and take a country road that takes me over Bearfort Mountain into Warwick Valley. It is a beautiful ride. As I am coming down the mountain I have an amazing view of the valley below.

One morning in particular the clouds looked as if they were resting over the valley. I could not see the land, only beautiful puffy clouds. As I continued on my journey I went into the clouds and drove below the covering they provided. It was amazingly clear on the road. They just rested above the roadway.

I found myself praising the Lord for He is my covering. How many times did He protect my family or me when I was not even aware of the danger? I have no idea. How many times has He protected my family or me that I am aware of? I can’t give an account; it is too many to count. How about you?

In Psalm 105:39 the Word tells us that the Jewish people who left Egypt were covered by a cloud by day and fire to illumine at night. Our God is so amazing. There is nothing too difficult for Him.

Let us give thanks that He is our covering today, tomorrow and always!!


Patricia L. Wenzel
Woman of Character Graduate

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