The Inspection Station

I am sitting on line at the inspection station behind cars of all colors and sizes. Some are work vehicles, including one from Pisces Seafood, and suddenly I am hungry for fish and chips.

These are busy people with jobs to do but we are all required to take time out to go for inspection. Seems a bother but when you realize the accidents that are avoided because we are required to check our brakes, and the cleaner air we breathe because vehicles have their emissions tested, I am thankful.

How about me? Is it time for an inspection? At the last supper Jesus asked the disciples to examine their hearts. As we take communion it is inspection time. Is your heart right with God? (1 Corinthians 11:28.) Is there selfishness, anger, or deceit that is breaking your communion with your Heavenly Father?

You may get a red failed inspection sticker which requires you to go and make things right and then come back again to the table of communion. He is always waiting and there are no lines.

I am next in line now at the inspection station.

(And today my car passed! I am a happy camper.)

Joyce Hayes

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