Brutal Honesty

As I read the Psalms of David I am always awed by his brutal honesty. I know I can often come to the Lord with flowery words, “Christianese” and words that must resound with “blah, blah, blah” in the Lord’s ears. I can hear the Lord say to me, “Kathy, would you just be honest already”? Why is it we feel that we can’t be as brutally honest as David? When was the last time you really let God know what was going on in your heart? Why do you and I hesitate? If David’s words have been written and left for us as an example and an encouragement perhaps we need to model some of David’s expressions of gut honest truth. While we respect God and who He is we are also encouraged to come boldly to the throne of grace to receive mercy. Not only is David honest about himself but he is honest about who his God is. Remembering the truth of who God is becomes how our hearts will transition from brutal honesty to honest praise. Would you be willing to be so bold, so honest with the Lord today?


Kathy’s on staff at America’s Keswick in the Development Department. Kathy has been married to her husband Dave for 28 years.  They have two adult children. Kathy is active in her local Church and has taught Sunday school and Bible studies for women. Her passion is to encourage women to deepen their walk with Jesus Christ by finding and living out the truths of God’s Word.

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