Alaska Trip

Recently, my husband and I spent three weeks in Alaska. We visited our long-time friends who are missionaries in Alaska. Six years ago we were blessed to drive from New Jersey to Alaska to assist our friends to reach their destination to start their work there. The bonding of friendships in the Lord is priceless. We thank God for these friends who have been faithful to the calling. We once served together in our former home church, and had sweet fellowship.

I want to share some of the highlights of our trip. We traveled over 2,000 miles touring Alaska. We did visit Wasilla, Sarah Palin’s hometown, and just as I expected a small rustic town with very friendly people.

The mountains that surround Alaska are imbedded in my head. They are more than magnificent: meaning “No Words can describe them”. We’ve taken hundreds of pictures but they can’t show what the eye has seen. The highways are none like you’ve ever seen, unless you’ve seen them. No traffic except for Anchorage, Fairbanks and Wasilla and even there it’s not how it is in NJ. We saw glaciers, avalanches, moose, bear, and many other wild animals.

I want to share my heart as to what God did as we visited an elderly couple who live in a cabin in a remote area. After traveling a few hours our friends asked if we’d like to meet this retired missionary couple. I answered with a half- hearted “Yes, ok”, but my heart was not in this visit. I was tired and peopled out. Since I am, or at least I think I am, a people person this was unlike something I’d feel. Well, unbeknown to me when we met this sweet godly couple I was overwhelmed with joy: Joy unspeakable! They lived a very simple life in a cabin with the absolute bare necessities. Oh, they did have running water. They were very hospitable and gave us cookies and tea. The best tea and cookies I ever had because they delighted that we stopped to see them. Oh, God forgive me for my “ME” attitude. This godly couple moved to Alaska in 1957 and served the Natives in the bush until retiring a few years ago. They told of stories we were all blessed to hear. Lord, help me not to complain: These people were content and full of joy in their lives and it’s all because of Jesus.

It is my prayer that I in some way impacted lives because of all Jesus has done for me.
All glory and praise to God….It’s not about “ME”: it’s about HIM.

Pat Spies
A servant of the Lord and a friend of Keswick

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