A Keeper

Behold, He who keeps Israel Shall neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD is your keeper;
The LORD is your shade at your right hand
. Psalm 121:4-5

A single mother of two young children has some serious challenges ahead of her. Both children are hers but of different fathers. Neither of which keeps her or them. However, she does work hard and has a very supportive family.  Her father helps provide for them, meeting many of their needs, financially and emotionally. Without a doubt, mom has made some life choices that weren’t the best for her or the children. Nevertheless, she is learning and seems to be making better choices as she has opportunity.

Someone made the comment that, because she is helped by her family, she is “kept.” Well, let’s unpack that for a minute. She may not be the Lone Ranger, but she’s not supposed to be is she? Isn’t that what family is supposed to do? I’m not talking about enabling. I’m talking about help, direction, support, counsel, assistance, not a life-style, but a life-line. I applaud her earthly father for his faithfulness during a time when he may have wished she had made better initial choices. The fact remains, he can help without enabling and, by God’s grace, he should.

We may feel very self-sufficient, all safe and sound in our homes, cars, churches and jobs. But the truth is, and we’ve seen it happen, that could all be swept away in a moment. Today the hand that gave a drink to the needy could tomorrow be the hand that accepts it.

The truth is, we are all “kept” by He who keeps Israel.

Dina S.

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