The Roaring Lion

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  1 Peter 5:8

How tempting of a meal are you for that prowling lion?  Without diligence, discipline, and intentional watchfulness we put ourself on the menu.

We need to be alert and vigilant, not turning our back carelessly to our enemy.

Imagine a lion gets loose at the zoo and they can’t quite track down its location. I suspect the way you walk through that zoo as you head to your car is way different than if that lion was safely behind bars.  You would be watchful, alert and at-the-ready.  You would take that threat very seriously.  God tells us through Peter that our adversary prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.  Why do we take that threat any less seriously?

We have a very real adversay that requires a keen but not paranoid eye.  I am not suggesting we become obsessed about our adversary as some are prone to do.

I like the way Beth More puts it.  “Much about Satan, more about God.”

“Much about Satan, More about God.”



Diane Hunt is part of the Development and Addiction Recovery teams at America’s Keswick.  In addition to being a Biblical Counselor, she is a Women’s speaker for retreats, conferences and events.  She is a regular writer for Victory Call and one of the authors of Crossing the Jordan Bible Study. She has been married to her husband John over 28 years.  She has 2 adult children, 3 grandchildren, 3 adult step-children with 7 grandchildren making 10 in all.  She delights reading and teaching, but mostly laughing at the funny things her grandchildren say and do.

One thought on “The Roaring Lion

  1. Stphanie L. Dickinson says:

    Wonderful message, Diane…and one which is very much needed.

    As a ministry graduate, I’ve always marveled at how “developed” America/Americans claim to be, yet many have so pitifully little
    knowledge of the spirit realm. It is not “new age”, it is not “voodoo”….it is real. G-d has permitted good as well as evil – angels and demons – The Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) and satan – (hasatan) –I never capitalize the letters for that one — to roam the earth. We are subject to being evil’s prey and, many times, aren’t even aware of the dangers and existence of it.

    I believe our society really needs to read, learn, and become more fully aware of the topic about which you have written. How can we effectively guard our comings, our goings, our thoughts and our deeds if we do not know that we are subject to a spiritual “tug of war” against us?

    Yes! Much about satan; more about G-d….let us keep our focus on what is Good, what is True, and what is beautifully righteous. Let us wake up each morning and – before our feet even hit the floor – ask the Holy Spirit to consume us…to let His thoughts and His will be ours. It is then that life becomes a gift of G-d’s glory – even in the midst of troubles and trials.

    G-d bless you for a very special message! Happy Easter and Holy Week….and may the Blood of our Risen Savior cause evil to
    PASS*OVER us and our loved ones. !

    Stephanie L. Dickinson
    B.S.Min., B.S.B.S., CCLC, CPAC
    Lancaster, Pa.

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