Sisters are the best people ever.
God chooses the ones that we get.
He gave me, Jeanne, a beautiful woman
With great love, compassion and wit!

We shared everything as children,
And best friends we always will be.
Raised kids, spent great times together
No matter how far apart we might be.

Part of life also brings hard times.
We shared them together as well.
God used these to bring us closer,
So on Him we would completely dwell.

It’s been hard to see her suffer;
Big sisters are to make things go right.
But God made me see that depending on Him
Was the best way that we could fight.

I love my sister immensely
And miss her more that you know.
She’s waiting in heaven with Jesus
Together with Richie, Lindsay Bear and mom, Flo!

Make sure you ask Jesus to save you.
He died for your sin, once for all!
Then we’ll all gather in heaven
When He decides it’s time for your call.

I know when I see Jesus in heaven
Forever it will be my home.
One by one I’ll call them together,
“Mom, Oh Lindsay, Hey Jeanne, I’m Home!”

Jan C. Welte

Jan Welte is the wife of our President and CEO, Bill Welte.

One thought on “Sisters

  1. Stphanie L. Dickinson says:

    Dear Jan,

    I always wanted a sister, but thought I was not blessed with one….
    until I became a believer and now have hundreds of sisters in Him.

    The poem you submitted is beautiful – and I could feel the earthly pain you experienced while watching your sister suffer. As I shared the other day, isn’t it wonderful that there IS “something” we can take with us to Heaven? That is our family.

    One day, while meditating on the goodness and greatness of our L-rd, it came to my mind to ask him a question. It seemed like a strange question; almost inappropriate. Still, it was on my mind, so I called out to Him, “Abba Father, if YOU had a god. If YOU prayed to a god, what would that “god” be?” Immediately, an answer came to my heart. He said, “Stephanie, if I had a god to worship, it would be FAMILY.”

    Thank you for submitting a beautifully-written and eloquently expressed poem of love and tenderness. Reading it, blessed my day.

    Blessings and Shalom!

    Stephanie Dickinson
    B.S.Min., B.S.B.S., CCLC, CPAC
    Lancaster, Pa.

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