Are God’s Promises Enough for Life’s journey?

Is God Reliable?

Philippians 4:6-7 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (ESV)

God will give us peace and He will guard our hearts and minds as we live in Christ Jesus (emphasis mine).

Recently, I experienced more than I could handle.  God will give us more than we can handle: for the purpose to rely upon Him and to grow in our faith in Christ Jesus. During a recent crisis in my family I had so many “what ifs” or “this could happen” or “that could happen” that my emotions were running wild with crazy thoughts, and they were downright worrisome.   You may know these kinds of thoughts that can tantalize your mind and weaken your heart.  Well, because I had more than I could handle I closed my eyes and begged God.  No, I yelled “I need your help NOW!” I can’t do this! God retrieved from my memory just one promise at a time: “He is my Refuge” and then “He is my Shepherd.” “He will never leave me.” “He is keeping watch”…….

Do you ever feel abandoned by God? Our emotions change but God’s promises never change – He will never leave us or abandon us (Deut 31:8 Emphasis mine).  Emotions are not reliable but God is always Reliable. Dependable, Trustworthy….. – He is God: the Creator of the universe so with that said “He can always be depended on and trusted with whatever comes into our lives.”  Our lives can change at any given moment, so keep His promises hidden in your heart.

God’s promises will replace our worries with His peace.

God will:
1) Make known to us (me) the path of life; He will fill us (me) with joy in His presence  (Psalm 16:11)
2) He is my Shepherd  (Psalm 23:1)
3) He will guide us (me) in His truth and teach us (me) (Psalm 25:4,5)
4) He is my refuge; my fortress, my God in whom I trust (Psalm 91:1,2)
5) Though I walk in the midst of trouble , He preserves our (my) life (Psalm 138:7)
6) His love endures forever (Psalm 138:8)

When life tosses you a curve and it’s more than you can handle Trust God and Keep His Promises close to your heart.  Read the Scriptures and you’ll find many more Promises!

Best of all you will be set free from the things that can tantalize your mind and heart. God Sees; God Knows; God cares!!!!

Pat Spies
A Servant of the Lord and a friend of America’s Keswick

One thought on “Are God’s Promises Enough for Life’s journey?

  1. Stphanie L. Dickinson says:

    …and when we are at our weakest, we are strengthened, for that is when Christ is closest!
    I loved, Pat, that you explained accurately that, at times, G-d permits more to come against us than we feel we can handle. We lean most on Him at those times and He gets to “show off” His awesome power and majestic triumph in our lives. Thank you so much for reminding us of that fact in life.
    As a sister in the L-rd, I pray that your family crises is coming to a close or completely passed. When we lift one another up in prayer, G-d takes note, as well. Perhaps another reason we are collectively called to raise one another up.
    Blessings in abundance to you and to your family!
    Stephanie L. Dickinson
    B.S.Min., B.S.B.S., CCLC,CPAC
    Lancaster, Pa.

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