Where is God right now?

          For two months each year, I have the privilege of living in my 38-foot motor home in Morro Bay, California. Each day I have the privilege of sitting at my computer and viewing the Morro rock. The rock protrudes 580 feet at the water’s edge. However some days the rock is covered by fog so that it is as though the rock doesn’t exist. But I know it is there.

          This experience reminds me of when we first moved to California in 1966. We had a wonderful view of the mountains from our patio door until the smog hid the mountains. One morning after our daughter had just turned five she took one look out the patio door and exclaimed, “Mama, the mountains aren’t out today!” I had a very hard time explaining to our daughter that the mountains were actually there, but you just couldn’t see them because smog was covering them. As I look at the rock, I know it is there. I know I would hit it if I drove in that direction; I just know that I can’t see it, but I have seen it before, and I know it is there

          Do you ever have days when you wonder if God is there? Perhaps those are the days when God seems to be silent, or you can’t “feel” Him, or you can’t see Him in action. You may wonder, what in the world is He doing? I have no idea, but I do know one thing, He has promised He will always be right next to you. Hebrews 13:5 states, “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” Perhaps you can’t see Him, but His Word promises He is always there, right next to you.

Marilyn Willett Heavilin

Is a wife and mother; author & International conference speaker  Author of Roses In December, December’s Song Becoming A Woman of Honor, Profound Common Sense When Your Dreams Die, Grief Is A Family Affair, I’m Listening, Lord


One thought on “Where is God right now?

  1. Stphanie L. Dickinson says:

    Dear Marilyn,

    Enjoyed, very much, your writing of today. I’m copying it right now for my widowed mother to read tomorrow morning with her cup of coffee!

    Today during my ministry teaching session, we discussed that – at times when G-d seems the most quiet and distant – those are the times when we are in the midst of being tested.

    I never quite thought of the “testing times” in life through that particular perspective.

    When Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, G-d exclaimed that This was His Son in Whom He was well pleased. IMMEDIATELY after G-d made that proclamation, the enemy came and led Messiah to be tested for 40 days in the wilderness.

    Hmmm….beautiful spiritual food to ponder, yes?

    Thank you again for submitting a wonderful, thought-provoking article.

    Stephanie Dickinson
    Lancaster, Pa.

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