For Him…

          I was recently reading “A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity have a Funeral or a Future” by Mark Driscoll, at Bill Welte’s suggestion.  A challenging, thought-provoking read.  One night I was stopped dead in my tracks by this sentence – “The Bible is not a book of principles to live by but rather a person to live for.” It occurred to me that in some ways I have lost sight of that. I mean, I know it but do I live as if that is true?  I realized that often the Victory Calls that I write are exactly that – principles to live by – Scripture that challenge our attitudes and actions.  For sure I have too frequently failed to point you and me to the Person of Jesus Christ, the One that not only gives life purpose but His Spirit gives us the power to live for Him.

          Stop a moment and consider that thought.  Do you live FOR HIM?  You can only live FOR Him BY His Spirit.  Why not ask Jesus to make that truth a reality to you today?

Blessings, Diane

Diane Hunt is part of the Development and Addiction Recovery teams at America’s Keswick.  In addition to being a Biblical Counselor, she is a Women’s speaker for retreats, conferences and events.  She is a regular writer for Victory Call and one of the authors of Crossing the Jordan Bible Study. She has been married to her husband John over 28 years.  She has 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren and 3 adult step-children with 7 grandchildren making 10 in all.  She delights reading and teaching, but mostly laughing at the funny things her grandchildren say and do.


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