Your Heart is Like a Room in Your Life…

…man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.  (1 Samuel 16:7b)

           If the Lord came today, and decided to visit one of the rooms in your life, what would He find?  What have your hands touched?  Where have your feet walked?  What did your mouth taste? What did you ponder in your mind? Where is your heart today?  What would He find in all of these areas?
           Do you remember that tract where it talks about if the Lord were to come to your house?  It goes on to say that if He were to come to your home today what would He find?  Would you need to dust off your Bible?  Would you have to close a door?  Would you have to change the TV or music station?
           I don’t like it when company comes and I do not have a clean house.  My human side feels like I am not a good housekeeper and I wonder what they will think of me.  How often am I concerned about the condition of my life and the rooms in it?
           When friends do drop in, I tell them that my house might not be clean but the coffee pot is always on and I always have time to spend with them.  We should consider the same with the Lord.  If He decided to drop in today to visit … you might have dusty feet, a cluttered mind, and your hands might be full of things, but your heart can be open to Him and willing to spend time with Him.  He can clean up what needs to be cleaned better than you ever could.  We need to make sure our heart is in the right place first (James 5:8).
           In the book of Philippians, we read that we are to think on things such as truth, things that are noble, things that are right and pure and lovely.  Is this where our heart is today?
           There are days when my heart is filled with joy, other days sadness, and other days I hate to admit it but a critical spirit or judgment against another believer.  Let’s “‘fess up” together.  We all have these days.  Why do we?  I think it goes back to James 5:8, where it tells us to establish our hearts.  It goes back to putting Jesus first, others second and ourselves last.
           When we leave the Lord out of our hearts and lives for any length of time, we find our lives are in disarray, messy and unclean.  Our thoughts are not clear, our focus is gone, our joy is depleted, and what is pure, true, noble and right (Philippians 4:8) is not what we are thinking about.
           Just as if our home is messy for company and a good cleaning needs to be done, so must our hearts be cleaned before the Lord.  He already knows what is in your heart, but it is our job to confess it to Him and allow Him to clean it up.
           Do you have a dirty room in your life today?  How is your heart established? Can any visitor come and visit with you today and find joy, pure thoughts, noble and right things in it?

Lynn A. Wilson

Writer for “Real Victory for Real Life”  VOLUME 2

365 Devotional Thoughts in the Spirit of America’s Keswick
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