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          Proverbs 3:27   Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.

          It’s time for my annual reminder that Christmas is coming, and some people may not be happy about it. For those of us who haven’t experienced anything negative this year, Christmas may be our favorite time of year, but for others they may have to deal with the fact that Christmas is coming and someone they loved dearly will not be present this year. So rather than be excited about Christmas, they may be somewhat hesitant or even fearful about how to deal with the actual day and the days preceding it. Here’s how you can help.

          You can offer to do the shopping for them. For some people shopping is not easy because of the music at the mall, the crowds and the constant reminders of what they planned to buy for the person who is missing or perhaps they planned to do their shopping together.

         You can send an appropriate card, not a jolly ho ho card but a “To Comfort You At Christmas” type of card.

          You can do some special baking for your bereaved friend. It is always nice to have something to offer those who stop in, but your friend just may not have the energy to do any baking this year.

          You can invite them or even take them to a memorial candle lighting in honor of those who died during the past year. Those of you who are computer savvy can also find listings of memorial candle lightings in your area and provide a list for your hurting friend. Sometimes things just look too complicated to even try.

          You can also print up a special card with the deceased person’s name on the card and provide a picture frame which is a tree ornament in which your friend can place a picture of their loved one and hang on the tree. An invitation to a candle lighting memorial can also be included. I have done this for many years and always receive thank you notes from the recipients. It always seems so special to see the name in print.

          You can also invite your friend to spend Christmas with you and partake of the holiday meal with you. Perhaps they have already made commitments to the family but it definitely feels good to be wanted by others. So don’t be offended if they turn you down.

          Try to be cognizant of the fact that there are some people in the world who aren’t looking forward to the holidays, so be very gentle with them.

Marilyn Willett Heavilin
Is a wife and mother; author & International conference speaker
Author of Roses In December,
December’s Song
Becoming A Woman of Honor,
Profound Common Sense
When Your Dreams Die,
Grief Is A Family Affair,

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