What’s in a Name?

…I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands. (Isaiah 49:16)

           Is there anything more personal than your name?  Once born, you are given a name, which then legally must be registered.  From that point on, you are known by that very name.  Of course, you were too young, too new to this world, to be aware of the significance of having acquired a particular identity by which you will henceforth be known.
           As the years go by, you may choose to change your name, for whatever reason.  You don’t like the sound of it; you don’t like the spelling of it; you would like to have the same name as someone you admire; you have embraced a new religion, and therefore you want a name that will identify you as a follower.
           Of eternal importance is not by what name you are known, but whether your name is written in the “Lamb’s Book of Life” (Revelation 21:27).  It is if you are a Christian, and with that knowledge comes your security in Him.  You have been adopted into His family.  Powerful thought!  You belong to Him and your name is written in the “Lamb’s Book of Life.”
           Isaiah wrote, “My name is engraved in the palms of your hands.”  I can imagine Isaiah rejoicing in believing that and realizing that no one, nothing, could erase his name from that most sacred place!
 There is a beautiful song in which are the following words:

“Oh, to see my name
Written in the wounds,
For through Your suffering I am free.”
“The Power of the Cross”
Words and Music by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
Copyright (c) 2005 Thankyou Music

          Think about those words.  Meditate on the love expressed!

          Do not be like the unnamed rich man in Luke 16:19-31, who lost the opportunity to have his name registered in the “Lamb’s Book of Life.”  In this world he had everything material a man of wealth could wish for, but he lacked an identity as a man who loved God.  In time he died and was separated from God forever.
 On the other hand, in the same story, a poor man was starving, and he had to scramble for food at the very door of the rich man.  He was worth nothing materially, but he was rich spiritually.  He knew God and he trusted Him.  In time he, too, died, but he was taken into heaven with his name intact – Lazarus.  His name had been written on the palm of his faithful, loving God.
           Is your name written there?  Is your security found in God’s faithfulness?

Midge Ruth

Writer for “Real Victory for Real Life” 
365 Devotional Thoughts in the Spirit of America’s Keswick
 To order a copy of “REAL VICTORY F

or REAL LIFE” 365 Devotional Thoughts in the Spirit of America’s Keswick, forwarded by Dr. Joseph Stowell visit  www.americaskeswick.org  and click on store. 



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