Glory to the Lamb

          Today I invite you to review and meditate upon the words of this most wonderful praise song titled “Glory to the Lamb” by Integrity’s Hosanna Music.  If you know the song sing it and worship the Lord in spirit and in truth.  If you prefer you can sing along with a beautiful rendition available at:

Glory, glory
Glory to the Lamb.
Glory, glory
Glory to the Lamb.

For He is glorious!
And worthy to be praised!
The Lamb upon the throne
And unto Him,
We lift our voice in praise,
The Lamb upon the throne.

         Let Holy Spirit fill your heart and mind with PRAISE to the Lord our God!!  What a blessing!!  It will break stinkin’ thinking.  It will break discouragement, bitterness, hopelessness.  It will release a new mindset filled with love, joy and peace.  He will lift you up as you praise His name.  Go for it dear one, PRAISE your wonderful, glorious God!!


Patricia L. WenzelWOC Graduate

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